Perkhidmatan Wedding Planner

Selain daripada perkhidmatan perunding perkahwinan, Nurul Adilah Wedding Planner juga turut menyediakan perkhidmatan katering perkahwinan lengkap untuk bakal pengantin dari dewan pengantin, kanopi, busana, foto, video, pelamin dan banyak lagi bagi memudahkan bakal pengantin membuat tempahan.

  • Dewan Perkahwinan
  • Khemah & Kanopi
  • Busana Pengantin
  • Fotografi
  • Videografi
  • DJ & PA System
  • Pelamin
  • Makeup

Pihak Kami bukan sahaja menawarkan perkhidmatan perunding perkahwinan / wedding planner di Shah Alam sahaja, malahan di seluruh Lembah Klang.Perkhidmatan Pakej Perkahwinan Malam yang ditawarkan juga memang tip top jadi anda tidak perlu ragu-ragu dengan perkhidmatan yang ditawarkan oleh kami.

How Can We Help?

We provide variety of option to our guests

Wedding Venues | Wedding Decorations | Wedding Catering | Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography and Wedding Cinematography | Wedding Invitations | Wedding Bridal Beautician Services | Wedding Health and Well-being packages | Entertainment

Wedding Venues

Few years back choosing a wedding venue which would match our expectation was not important. However, with the young millennial generation, wedding venue plays the major role in making the wedding moment exclusive. Nurul Adilah Wedding Planner

Wedding Health and Well-being packages

Lot of times as a wedding planner we have observed the bride and groom are undergoing excitement / stress / pressure as they progress towards the wedding D-day. It is very important for a wedding planner to ensure the complete well-being of the bride and groom during the wedding journey.

Nurul Adilah Wedding Planner, with their ample experience has multiple packages that includes yoga, dance, swimming, spa, dental, cleansing and counselling therapies that will help our bride and groom to maintain excellent physic and mental strength. These therapies not only help them on wedding, it is surely a starting point for their life


Nurul Adilah Wedding Planner witnessed the on-going need for entertaining the guest across the events like sangeets, wedding, reception etc. We have worked with industry leading Emcee [aka MCs] and customized various activities, fun games to suit the wedding needs.

Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography and Wedding Cinematography

Wedding Photos and Videos are the most important and significant element that helps to remember / rejoice the moment event after years. Nurul Adilah Wedding Planner have professional photographers with decades of experience in creating wedding moments. An important job of wedding planner is to understand your need in terms what you would like to see after 25 -30 years from now on your wedding moment. Nurul Adilah Wedding Planner will be able to share and suggest the best way to go about

Indian Muslim Weddings & Entertainment

Muslim weddings conducted in the Islamic faith are very large, again plenty of food, vibrant colors and a number of ceremonies which are carried out by the priest known as the Iman. These events can be celebrated in School Halls, Banqueting Halls, Community Halls, and Hotels to lavish marquees depending on requirements and budget.

There is no official paper work involved however whilst the Nikah takes place it is important that there are witnesses who authorize the marriage. There is also a Dowry or a sum of money which is agreed occasionally at Bengali and Muslim Weddings between the Iman and the Groom, as a gift to the Bride as a token to show he can provide for his wife.

There is great emphasis on the decor and ambience which makes these events a perfect surrounding for Massacre Sounds the Asian Wedding DJ’s to shine above all suppliers by being able to provide Table décor, Main stage arrangements, Stage Setups, Flowers, Backdrops and Venue Up-lighting to create the perfect staging for all your photographs.

Our expertise is to assist our customer organizing their event, need catering services, canopies for any event whether small or large and other events related. These services include Delicious and quality cuisine and trained waitresses to handle any occasion.

Our mission is to provide suitable services with a good quality that meet our client budget and expectation. Meanwhile, our Vision is to be the key player in organizing an event not only niche to the catering services but as a total event management provider.

Founded in 2017. Based in the beautiful bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Nurul Adilah Ahmad – Wedding Planner